You’ve carefully created a beautiful website; there’s just one problem — you’re not getting enough website traffic.

  • Increased website traffic means increased exposure;
  • Greater exposure means additional customers; and
  • Additional customers mean revenue for your business.

Let’s look at what you’ve done so far. You’ve got the basics covered: you’ve done the research, and you’re already implementing the fundamentals including

  • Generating new content regularly, hopefully, once per week
  • Rather than focusing on single keywords, you’re creating “long-tail keywords” or keyword phrases to attract visitors, and
  • You’re promoting the heck out of your website on social media

And that’s great!

Except, everyone and their brother are doing the same thing.

So, how do you stand out from the crowd? Check out these six uncommon ways to increase your website traffic.


An ‘About Us” page is great, but “Start Here” literally tells your readership to invest a little time. Add links to your ‘About Us’ page directing visitors to the most relevant pages on your site, or to web posts that already pull in the most website traffic. Then rename the page “Start Here” or something similar that appeals to you. Not only will this give new visitors an idea of what your site contains, but it’s also a sort of ‘one-stop-shopping’ feature that can help to convert visitors into customers.

  • Recycled Content

Nothing says you have to create original content, but you do need new content — constantly. How do you do that? By taking a current post and repurposing it as

  • An audio podcast
  • A slideshow presentation
  • A video post
  • A PDF guide…

You get the idea.

Your possibilities are limited only by your creativity.


We all love a chance to win something, don’t we? Potential visitors to your site are no different.

Create a special offer, such as an opportunity to win a significant discount on a product or, if you can afford it, a one-time service for free. Give each visitor get one ‘entry’ for every social media share.


Participating in groups on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn is an excellent way to generate website traffic. But only if you post valuable comments in ongoing discussions, or create new conversations. No one likes a greedy poster who’s only out for themselves. Invest in your group. It’s here that being extra helpful will translate into traffic.


An often overlooked but very effective method of gaining publicity and increasing website traffic is to answer a HARO query. HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out, is an English-speaking sourcing service for journalists. Reporters frequently need experts for inclusion in articles and will post their questions to HARO. Answering their request takes only a few minutes, and in exchange, you get fantastic, high-quality inbound links (another excellent method of boosting website traffic). And you’ll probably even land a few referrals too.


Don’t miss out on these simple offline methods of increasing online website traffic

  • Include your URL on all business cards, postcards, and flyers
  • Print off several blog posts and format them into a small magazine/ ezine type readers, then drop off a bunch at your local coffee shop and library
  • Create mugs with your company name and website info (give a few to the same coffee shop you visited with the zine you created) because we all love our coffee
  • Create a holiday calendar that includes your contact information and website URL

Increasing your website traffic can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By implementing these easy steps, you will see an increase in your monthly visitors in no time. And don’t stop here, let this list spur you on to develop your own creative ways to increase your website traffic.



Adam H Douglas | Expert Business Writer

Freelance Writer✦ Real Estate✦ Mortgages✦ Widely published✦ Work with me: adamhdouglas@gmail.com